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We believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people we have helped.  Simply give us a call, and we'll be happy to connect you with them.

At Monalisa we strive to give you best possible experience from booking your appointment to getting your massage to taking a moment before you leave in our quite room to recover before heading out into the real world. Unfortunatly there are times when everything does not go as planned and both Mona and Lisa take these moments very personally. If your experience with us was not top notch for any reason please contact us right away and let us try to resolve the problem you had.

A few things people have said about us

My bestfriend Verornica and I went this morning and had a massage and it has been BY FAR the BEST massage I've EVER had!!! This was Veronica's 1st time getting 1 and needless to say.... she is totally hooked now!! Lol, thank you Mona and Lisa 4 helping me give Veronica the greatest Bday gift!! You took EXCELLENT care of us!!! We will be definitely returning w/our hubbies!!! :)

Joyce V July 2011

"I've had a lot of massages over the years and I have to say that Lisa gives one of the very best massages I've ever had. She seems to intuitively know just where I'm having trouble and need work. I'm so glad I found her."
Bob, Corporate Manager, Dallas Texas

I have been doing microcurrent facelift treatments for a couple of weeks now with Lisa and I am so excited!!! I recently had a client do a laser treatment on my face and she asked me what I was doing to build collagen in my face. The previous setting that she used was 13 now she was using 17, the higher the setting the more collagen that you have in your face. I think the microcorcurrent facelift treatments are building collagen!!! Kay J, Dallas 

"I play hard in sports and needed to find someone who knew not only how to stretch me but also to be able give me a really deep massage. Lisa knew how to do both, I thought only a male massage therapist could get in as deep as she does, but instead of just pounding on me she works at a steady pace always making sure I'm comfortable as she goes. Love her massages."
TG, Engineer, Grapevine Texas

“I first saw Lisa when she first started out in Oklahoma, we lost touch after she moved from there but I was, I consider, very lucky to find her again in Dallas Texas while visiting. I had woke up with a stiff neck and in a lot of pain. Lisa was able to get me in that day to help me. Not only did she explain as she was working what muscles where the problem but she also was very careful to make sure I was ok with stretching and everything she was doing as she went. When I come to Dallas I always make sure to book with her. Never met a therapist so thorough, caring or gifted, she’s one of the best."
Karen, English Teacher, Oklahoma City

"No one has ever been able to make me feel as loose as she does. I have a high stress job and my body gets very tense. Lisa has a knack for just working out all that tension and breaking it up so that I feel loose and renewed when she's done. Lisa please don't ever move!"
John R, Physicians Aid

"No one has ever been able to release my lower back pain like Lisa does. She knew muscles that no other therapist had ever even mentioned to me and how to manipulate them. She's got a great personality to match her knowledge and really cares. Tom F. Business Owner Dallas TX

"Had my latest Microcurrent session at their new location and I love it! From the minute I walked in I felt like I was transformed to a zen space. Everything was prefect and of course the great service and warmth I always feel when visiting was still there. Did I mention I love the new Monalisa location!

Hing C Aug 2011

THANK YOU Mona for the BEST massage I' ve EVER had.... You have a beautiful facility that was very easy to find. I can't wait for my next visit! I'm telling all my friends... :0)

Nikki HW Aug 25 2011

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